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Friday, September 26

Little Girls Like Haircuts (Or Something Like That)

Poesy Gets Another Haircut
Yeah, yeah... she's lucky she's cute.  Or, she's lucky she's so funny and spunky.  Whatever it is that makes Poesy so darn charming, I'm glad she has it.  As I was getting dressed upstairs the other day, Poe starts yelling for Hope.  Like most afternoons, I reminded her that Hope was at gymnastics.  The rest of the conversation went something like this:

P:  "Well I want to show her my new haircut!"
K:  "She'll be home in a little while, you can show her then."


K:  "Wait.  You mean hairDO, right?  Did you fix your hair all pretty?  Poesy, please tell me you did NOT cut your hair!"
P:  "Well, I made my hair pretty and I want to show Hopey."


K:  "Can you come up and show me?  I'd really love to see it."

Poesy Gets Another Haircut Poesy Gets Another Haircut This is the new hairstyle she gave herself.  With scissors.  That I just properly taught her to use this week.  I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or scold her, so I calmly explained (again) that only Mommy or our friend Phillip (he owns a hair salon) can cut her hair.  The damage had been done, though, so I started hacking away to try and help it.  (And yes: I did paint that shirt on in Photoshop.  TALENT.)

Poesy Gets Another Haircut Poesy Gets Another Haircut
Once I brushed it out I realized the bangs were gonna be okay.  I could just hide those tiny pieces.  The sides were super short, though, and so the really sad part of all of this was cutting off her sweet baby curls.  I kept every single one because that's a weird thing moms do.

Poesy Gets Another Haircut
Anyway... it's just hair, we had another good talk about scissor safety, and that little alfalfa spring on top kinda kills me.  Oh, Poesy.

Wednesday, August 6

Strengths and Talents

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about personalities and why we choose certain career paths and hobbies.  We all have different strengths and talents, and it's neat to step back and think about how people approach things differently.  I was at a drawing group last night, and though I don't draw, I got roped into it anyway.  We ended up having a huge discussion about how I plan out the animals I'm creating, and it was interesting to hear the different ways people would begin the process.  For me, I just imagine what I want in my head and start sewing.  Most times it works out, but sometimes I have to correct something or start over.  For the artists I was with, they agreed they would start by sketching out the entire thing before ever touching a piece of fabric.

Poesy Poesy
Lately, I've really been noticing a shift in both my girls' personalities.  They are both developing a strong sense of self, and Poesy especially, is very particular about most things.  I find myself stepping back and feeling a sense of awe as I think about their strengths and talents at this point in life, and wonder what the future holds for these two precious gals of mine.  I hope they always do things that they truly love and that truly inspire them.

Poesy Poesy Poesy
Little Miss Personality decided a few days ago that she NEEDED pink hair, so after a fail with a packet of Koolaid, hair chalk came to the rescue.  The way she struts around with that pink hair confidence makes me so happy.

Love what you love, little one.  Love who you are and keep feeling like you can conquer the world, because you totally can.

Wednesday, June 25

DIY Photo Frames

I've been needing to getting around to rotating Poesy's toys again for some time now.  Rotating has been a great way to keep her interested in the toys she currently has in her room, which helps with her need to always want new toys.  When I feel her losing interest, I simply pull out the (large) box of stored toys and switch things up.  It's a great system, except for the part where you are basically rearranging the bedroom every few months.  After this month's switcharoo, I found myself with a big, ugly, blank wall.  So, today I'm teaming up with Canon USA to bring you a simple and fun way to fill a large wall!

The first thing I did was set up a large white poster board and had a photoshoot with Poesy.  I love shooting photos of kids because it's so easy to get real emotions from them.  "Poesy, how do you feel when someone takes your toy?  Poesy, how do you feel when it's bedtime?"  I had SO MANY adorable pictures, it was hard to choose just six!

After I made some decisions, I printed my photos out with my Canon PIXMA iP8720.  This printer prints large photos!  I used 13"x19" photo paper to make these prints!

Instead of spending a bunch of money on frames, I went the cheap route and bought canvas stretchers at the craft store. I trimmed the photo to fit the back and used a staple gun to secure them.  I added an additional staple at the top for hanging.

The nice part about these canvas stretchers is that you can make them lots of different sizes and each frame only ended up costing about $4!  I love budget friendly projects.

I'm super happy with the way this project turned out!  That wall has been needing something special for quite a while and I think this was the perfect fit!  So much personality!  xo.


Monday, March 24

Keeping Up With Poesy's Bedroom

I've been having this constant battle with Poesy's bedroom lately.  The room gets trashed, I clean everything up and tell her she needs to do a better job of picking up her toys, repeat.  The problem was mine, really.  I can't expect a 3 year old to magically pick up toys and put things in their places when they don't have places to begin with.  I've been too busy with going, going, going to put the hours into rearranging her bedroom, so I finally made the time this weekend.  Here's pretty much where I started (minus already moving the bed and a few other things.  I never remember those before pics right at the beginning.)
Hey, people always ask for the uglier side of blogging.  There you go.  ;)

The little sock doll was what Hope made Poesy for Valentine's Day.  So sweet.
This is the biggest (little) toy station.  These baskets hold tons of My Little Pony, Lala Loopsy, Kawaii Crush, etc.  I took the time to separate all of the teeny tiny guys and accessories she plays with constantly, and gave each its own place.  That way, when Poe is finished playing with something I can say, "Okay, clean up time" and she can easily do that.  (The Goldilocks & 3 Bears was needle felted by the very sweet Miss Zali.)
She's really into dress up right now, so a dress up basket and mirror were necessary!
Here, Hope is being Poesy's doctor (she's in the hospital with a broken leg) and Poe is nursing her cat back to health.  Her beautiful quilt was handmade by LWPH Sews.  Such a talent, she is.
I try to do a good job of rotating her toys so things stay exciting and new.  The cardboard playhouse left the bedroom this round (even though it was hard for me to see that go) and the baby dolls have come back upstairs.  She got the puppet theater for her birthday in January and I really wanted to put it in a place that daily shows would be encouraged.  She had been asking for her little table recently, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to subtract the trampoline (which is a complete eyesore) and put up a little table station.  I tried to take the kitchenette out to stick a comfy chair in the corner, but both girls opposed.  That's fine by me.  I love that thing.

Poesy is elated with her room now and keeps saying, "I WILL pick up all my toys, Mama."  I believe it, because now she has a place to put things.  You can see her first bedroom tour right here.  We've acquired so many more play things since then.  Sheesh.  Also, she was still in a crib at that time.  *sniff*

I always want to keep this room filled with the things she enjoys.  Even though I may prefer a perfectly curated room with beautiful wooden toys over lots (and lots) of My Little Ponies, it's her space and I do my best to keep that in mind.  :)

Monday, March 17

Green Day Parade

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember me mentioning that St. Patrick's Day is Hope's #2 favorite holiday.  This year she's trying to decide if it rivals Christmas (what?!).  She's really into it.  Saturday we took the girls to the local St. Paddy's Day parade and although she didn't want to get fully decked out in green since "it's not ACTUALLY Green Day" the girls had fun all the same.  I think this may have been Poe's first parade ever, and her favorite things were the candy and the fact that everyone waves to you.  She looked like she thought everyone was there just to say hi to her-- it was adorable.  My favorite parts were the baby goats in tutus (!!!) and the roller derby girl who jumped over 3 people.  It was awesome.

I'm heading into a day where, in our house, Hope only allows green food, the leprechauns run wild, and you'd better get SOMETHING green on your body, because she is not afraid to pinch!  Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends!

Friday, March 7


Outtakes.  Sometimes they are better than the "polished" one, don't you think?  This is what it's like to try and get a photo with a squirmy girl (Poesy) and a girl who has a hard time not having a least one leg in the air at all times (Hope).  They always keep it interesting, that's for sure!
I think today I'm feeling extra grateful for this family and this life in general.  Yes, sometimes I feel too tired or too busy, but the truth is, I am the one responsible for making the time for things.  Time for friends, time for work (and turning off "work mode"), time for travel, etc…  you fit into your life what you make time for, and I'm thankful to have those things.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!