Tuesday, December 22

Things I Love from 2009

Making a "year in review" post seems like a daunting task, so I thought I'd keep it simple and just state some things that I've loved from this year.  That way, if I forget anything important it won't matter, and, if I feel like adding anything after the fact, I can do so.  Here goes...

Making new things!

Playing shows.


Making new friends, and loving the old ones.

Living room dances parties.

Vacation and new tattoos!!!

Funny random pictures that Johnny saves in the computer.
(this one terrifies me)

Hanging with my best friends.


Turning 2.

I feel like it really has been a big year for me.  My craft is looking more and more cohesive, I feel like I'm finding my footing, and I have the best companions to keep me company along the way.  Thanks for reading.  :)  *loves*Katie


  1. totally fun year in review. you and your little one are so adorable! i heart your tattoos and your amazing talent! best wishes for 2010

  2. so cool katie! glad it has been a good year for you!

  3. oh gosh, you and your family are adorable!

  4. Simply put: I love you. I love your family. I love your craft. I love that 2009 was a good year.

    Now... Let's go make friends with 2010!

  5. this was suuch a cute post. looks like your year was great! :)

  6. i want to know how the heck we have the same heart tattoo--exact same placement, too (only mine is black). i know there's no way you saw mine so i'm dying here....

    and a feather was on the list to get with my b.f.f.

    this is weird.

  7. Glad you had such a great year. Your little family is so cute!

    p.s. OMG you went to Ocean City, NJ?! My family goes there every other summer ever since my mom was a kid. I love it there!

  8. Looks like fabulous year! Here's to an even craftier New Year :)

  9. Wow, you had such a lovely year! <3

  10. What a great year in review. I loved looking at all the photos. It seems you make so much fun out of everything! (I need to learn how to do that!) Happy Holidays!

  11. I have to say that you have such a cute family. It's good to know you can be married with kids and still be hip. ;-) Seriously, when my husband and I have kids I hope we're half as cool as you. ;-)

  12. your photos are just so moving, feels like we're with you the whole time :P

  13. what a great year! hope you all have a wonderful Christmas xx

  14. i just found your blog and i'm so in love!
    Have a wonderful Christmas

  15. this is actually my first ever time visiting your blog and i'm so glad i picked this day because i feel like this post really gives me a good idea of who you are / what's important to you in a nutshell.

    your crafts are so cute, you're family is adorable and you look like someone who is having fun and enjoying life.

    i'm excited to read more.

  16. really great year! you and your daughter are so adorable- makes me want a little mini me.

  17. What a great year :)
    You have the cutest little girl ever!!

  18. love your blog and shop, it's quite adorable.
    merry Christmas!