Tuesday, December 1


Tuesday: busier than Monday. I have soooo much sewing to finish tonight. That's okay, after this week it will all be worth it. I took a better pic of my table today... I guess I won't be leaving much for the imagination...

Still not as good as in person, but better than the ones I posted yesterday. I was a little embarrassed after I posted them. I would walk into the living room, feel magic, and then look at the pictures like- ho hum...

Hope and I have been playing with Elsie's paper dolls tonight. She looooooooooves them. Every time we are in the fort, she asks if we can play paper dolls... paper dolls... paper dolls. Soon we'll have to get a new batch because these are being so terribly loved! If you have a small girl to buy for, I would recommend these!

I'm off to do some more sewing, sewing, sewing. I want to have as much free time as possible tomorrow, it's my 9 year anniversary. I'm extra excited, because I have an appointment for tats @ 2! ...just little ones this time...

Have a wonderful night. I'm wishing for snow! xoxo Katie


  1. your craft table set-up is gorgeous even in the older pics in your Monday post. i can feel the magic you're talking about even with the pics. ^_^

  2. every thing that has doing with you is adorable! :D

  3. This is awesome!! I want one of your luggages!

  4. Did you make those lovely little treasures!!! oooo so cute goodness... oh and the paper dolls, just awesomeness!!!

    Love & Aloha.

  5. You should laminate the dolls, they'll last FOREVER and you can continue to play with no papercuts. Yay!