Monday, December 7

Renegade Part 1

Here are some highlights and fun times from Renegade.  I wanted to take waaaaaay more photos, but I was so busy working and trying not to puke from overwhelmedness, that I just didn't get it all done.  :)

Day One:

Early morning setup... I wouldn't even look around at the others setting up.  I thought if I just focused on my own stuff and ignored everything around me that the rock in my stomach might disappear...

Then it opened... SO. BUSY.  LIKE, SO. FREAKIN. BUSY.  Johnny was so awesome-- the absolute best helper I could've asked for.

Day Two:

Changed the setup... partially because my table was looking a little sparse, and partially so I could keep an eye on things a little better.

My helpers for the day.  Hope decided to come on day two, and it was awesome having her there.  :)

Hope tattooed herself.  Hearts and a feather... I wonder how she thought of those... ;)

The craziness... this was day 2, and this was one of the slower points.

Hope fell in love with these ghosts from Pixel Party.  Like, fell HARD.

...saying her sad goodbyes...

And this was my face when I found out about the ReadyMade thing.  So excited!

The end of Renegade.  We loved the photobooth.  So fun!

Well, I'll be back tomorrow with more Chicago fun.  Loves*Katie


  1. Can I be in your family? Please? Please?


    You said you were gonna adopt me, you know.

  2. love the photobooth pictures--so cute!

    looks like it was an amazing time!

  3. Your booth looks amazing, I hope you had the best time :D

  4. Erin, what do you think you're getting for Christmas? Huh? ;)

  5. looks like renegade was a success! congrats! your booth was adorable :)

  6. A well deserved feature on ReadyMade! It looked like such a well developed table set up and your product is incredibly beautiful. REALLY!

    Your family is gorgeous.

    (Okay, I'm done)

  7. Awww. and yay! I'm so happy that it was an all around success. I'm only bummed that you WON'T be in San Fran!!! I'm getting so nervous now ......

  8. Aww, it looks like you had an amazing time! Your booth really was beautiful, no wonder you were so busy =)

    pssst! I love the ghosts too! (^_^)

  9. oh this place looks like a dreamland! I've got my first ever stall at a craft fair for christmas in a couple of weeks. I AM FREAKING OUT!

  10. Congrats on getting through it! The set up looks great :)

    On a side note - I adore your look! Your new red hair looks so right on you and you're outfit in the pic is lovely. I read your entire blog yesterday after finding it through Elsie's - love it!

  11. what a great display! i am in chi-town but can't make it to RCF. otherwise i'd love to see these in person!

  12. Looks like so much fun!! & Hope is adorable with her sad pacman face :)

  13. congrats on a good show and the ready made deal! and i was looking at the pictures and my son came up to me and wanted to see more pictures of "that little girl." i think he has a crush on your daughter:) he's five.

  14. Looks like alot of fun! I love your little set up. Cuteness!

    xoxo Julie

  15. looks incredible!
    plus, your hair looks amazing too.

  16. Aaah Renegade !
    Oh how i wish I could have come !!!
    Seeing your aceness stall & adorable you in person ...
    And Hope's tattoos ! ♥

    Everythings looks fantastic !

    I feel so far away, in Paris :'(
    x x x