Tuesday, December 29

Warning: Gratuitous Gear Pictures

So, there's a little geek in all of us, right?  I am one who subscribes to that philosophy.  I think most crafters or hobbyists have a little bit of ultra geekiness to them.  I kinda have lots.  I have the crafty stuff, and the Blythes, and the books, but also the music stuff.  And not just talking bands and whatnot (which I LOVE), but sitting around and talking music gear with people.  And, I have to say, it's kinda hard to find people who want to sit around and partake in this sort of conversation for very long.  I can't really blame them, either.  So, sorry, but you said you wanted to know me, and this is a big part.  So, here is your warning:  gratuitous pictures of my gear ahead.  ;)

I heart my jaguar.  Like, heart it, heart it, heart it.

This accordion is almost too heavy for me to handle.  I can hardly pick it up at times!!!

Mmmm... drawbars...

Yep.  I told you...

My first baby...

Very delicious treats for lots and lots of playing...

This is my "it's 1 o'clock in the morning and my fingers are totally sore" face.

So, thanks for sticking around.  :D  Our drummer moved to AZ last July and is in town for Christmas with his family right now.  Finding opportunities to play is challenging, hence the 1am reading on my clock when I got home (I used to be more used to this late night stuff).  I'll share more gear pictures one day, but of course I'll post another warning... just in case you'd appreciate one.  ;)  You're the best.  xoxo Katie


  1. i am actually factually wearing my t-shirt version of your jenny lewis sweatshirt right at this very moment. yes, indeed.

  2. ha! i think this was a neat post!! the only music stuff ive been around have been my saxophone in high school(oy vey) record players and cd players,oh and yeah an ipod lol so this was pretty neat!

  3. Aaaaa! Mallory, that is awesome! I don't ever wear sweatshirts, like EVER, but I wear this one. I heart it. :)

    Aw Adrienne. You are great. Next time I promise to take photos with a real camera instead of my iPhone. Hee hee...

  4. Is there anywhere to hear your music? (like a myspace or purevolume or anything?) love your blog and cute creations!