Wednesday, December 2

Wishing... With My Eyes Closed Tight

Some Christmas wishes.

pretty purse

I think daisies are sweet. :)

I don't actually need this, but I love it.

I reeeeeeallllllly wanted this dress, but it is sold. :(

I love vintage flocked things, which is funny, because I have major texture issues and I can't stand to touch them. I super want this vintage brooch, though. Someone can help me put it on. ;)

Darling headband

What are you wishing for right now? You know, it's very likely that our lists will change before
Christmas gets here... :D


  1. I always wish for world peace...and Anthropology sweaters & perhaps one of your cuties :)

  2. I think my xmas list has changed at least three times this month already :)

  3. I just did a blog wishlist too!

    Loooove that dress!

  4. Haha oh your blog is soo cute. I absolutely love all your little creatures on etsy! Keep doing what you do, its excellent! DearMissPretty xx