Monday, December 14

Etsy Pretties

Here's some more Etsy love for your Christmas shopping pleasure.  :)

Laura George was at Renegade, and I REALLY wanted to pick something up from her, but never made it.  I love this Gocco print

Roller skates!  Perfect for any little friend.  :)

This is great for any coffee or TEA (!) drinker.

Fortune cookie embroidery. 

Gorgeous vintages dresses are always great.

Oh, and hey... wanna be super cool like Katie and Hope???  Then you should buy one of these!

We had a tonnnnnnnn of fun with these feather headbands!  Remember this?

and this?

Yep, that's where we got them.  You should get one, too!
(How's that for a commercial?  ;)  But really, we have a great time with them.)

Thanks so much for all the well wishes!  I hope you all start feeling better, too.  I'm on the mend and very happy about it!

Happy Tuesday!  If you have any online orders that you haven't placed, I suggest you place them soon!  That's what I'm doing tonight, placing all of my orders so there are no sad Christmas faces.  xoxo Katie


  1. Ha! I had those *exact* blue roller skates when I was a little girl. I wore them until they were falling apart! :)

  2. That vintage dress is super cute! Bummer it is sold already.

  3. Give me vintage rollerskates anyday!