Tuesday, December 8

Renegade Part 2

My last post was part one of Renegade, so I figured there had to be a part two.
Though, this one is less about Renegade, and more about the NEVERENDING
trip home.  We left at 7:00 this morning, and didn't arrive home until around
8:30 tonight.  There were a few detours and pit stops, but traffic was most
of the reason for the ridiculous delays.  Man, it feels so good to be out of
the car!!!

Here are a couple of goodies I got from Renegade:

This camera strap from Soldier is so awesome!  It was a little surprise from Mr. J, and
I have to say, it has inspired me to start doing more recreational shooting again. This
will be evident as you read on...

This killer ring from Cookoorikoo.  Hope was the one who found it, and I could only
get away with buying it for myself by telling her we would share it... and, we will...
sort of... ;)  P.S.  I got to meet Shana is person (finally) and she is just as sweet as
can be.  Same goes for her sweetie Shawn and her bestie Kateri.  :)

Then after I was done taking pictures of these things in the car to occupy myself, I
decided to play a little photobooth...

That was not super ultra mega fun, but it didn't matter because I got distracted by
the ROBOTS just in time!

Every time we drive by these in IL, we HAVE TO blast Yoshimi and pretend
they are robots.  No they are not pink right now, but maybe they have new color
changing effects, and end up tricking you in to trusting them and then they
blast you!!!  Be careful.

Then we found this nifty place, complete with a UFO!

Then we took a break in St. Louis.  We needed some time away from the car so we stopped
by Jilly's Cupcake Bar.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

That place is SERIOUSLY good.

Then we got back in the car, I napped for like, the seventh time today and we made it
home.  Here's the thing, though:  I miss Chicago.  I really do.  Chicago, please know I'm
thinking of you and your glorious snow.

I'm home, so you know what that means-- back to work for Katie!  I'm thinking of doing
a shop update sometime this week, so check back for details.  There will be some ornaments
and a few bigger friends.  Good night everyone!  xo Katie


  1. every time Sarah and I drive past those electric lines we envision animals! They are so fun.

    Glad you made it home safely!

  2. that ring is precious

    and gah snow we just got so much here (well in the mountains) in nevada :P

    i hope it makes it down here in the city!

    i've never been in snow before

  3. Awesome camera strap! And, by the way, the photo booth style car pics....super cute! :)

  4. Oh how I love all things cupcake related. Yum.

    I love your camera strap!

  5. I'll never look at those robots the same way again - thank you!!! My roadtrips just became tons more exciting :D

  6. omg, how cool is this?
    last year i heard a speech on futuristic/UFO-architecture from the 60s, an there was this one shown, but the lecturer didn´t know where this object is situated now.
    i know now :) where exactly?)
    thanks for that & lovely greetings from germany!

  7. lalatika: It is in Illinois, about 20 minutes or so from the Missouri border in the United States. I think the place was called the Pink Elephant. Hope this helps!

  8. Every time we drive from St. Louis to Springfield, IL they boys are always on the look out for that antique mall... They love just looking at it from the highway!! Glad you made it home safely!!