Monday, June 1

Oh My Summertime

I'm still working on those cabinets. Sad, isn't it? I'm so motivated to start things, I just have a hard time finishing them. Take my Blythe dolls for example, they've all been sanded and they are still beautiful, but I've never finished the new makeup or sealed them. Maybe I need less motivation. You know, then I don't start so many things. :)

I'm at a sort of turning point in my life. It's the point where I love weekends. I used to hate them... EVERYONE was out, doing their weekendy things... I just longed for the weekdays when everyone was at work and there was a bit of solitude. Now I'm finding myself longing for weekends. We keep having these awesome weekends with fantastic friends and I catch myself looking forward to the next one. Silly.

My summer has been fairly regular: saving for vacation, eating lots of ice cream with Hope, listening to tons of music, too much texting... I like it very much.

I'm off to play, play, play and work, work, work. If you have any awesome summertime music suggestions, do share. I haven't had much time to search out new music lately, but I am super excited that Wilco's about to release a new album this month!


  1. Oh, your blythes are sooo cute! I want one so bad.

  2. I'm loving Roses & Butterflies by Making April right now :)
    Good to see a little shot of Willa again. She has the most wonderful hair...!!