Thursday, June 18

Work Up to Your Reward

I'm running on E. Seriously. I was talking to my friend Tara yesterday, and we were realizing how old we are getting. I used to run on 2 and 3 hours of sleep a night, but anymore it's gotta at least be 5 and I'm still overly emotional. So that's me right now-- Miss Cry at the Drop of a Hat. That's ok though, just a couple more nights of working and staying up till 4 and I'll be all caught up and I get my reward. Guess what it is. It's work. Hee, hee. Not really. I got this in the mail today:

Apologies for the dolly nudity. It didn't even cross my mind until now, but we're all grown-ups so it's prolly ok. :D I can't wait to start customizing her. I think she's going to be a beauty. My family has been so patient with me, but is starting to nudge me toward cleaning this up:

Katie, the kitchen table is for eating, not customizing Blythes... or eating Blythes... I guess I need to move it into the studio. If you're finding yourself in the market for one of these dolls, soon I'll have two for sale. Plus, Hope's doll (the blonde one) is getting new makeup.

I'll be carving her lips and making her even prettier. She's always my guinea pig. Poor thing. So far everything I've tried on her has gone smoothly. So, as soon as I finish up with my orders I'm rewarding myself with dolly customization, and a super fun time with some friends Friday night. That's right: cards, fireworks (which I don't really fancy, but oh well...), and lots of laughs. I guess now I need to get myself to work. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo Katie


  1. She's so cute! I can't wait to see you make her even prettier. :)

  2. It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one annexing the kitchen table for crafting needs :)