Friday, May 29

I'm the Proud Owner of a Big Girl

Okay, so I don't really "own" her. Funny story, though-- a few weeks back I was trying to help Hope keep all of her uncles straight. We were talking about her Uncle Dennis and she said, "Oh, is he the one that owns Chase (her cousin)?" We laughed and laughed about it.

Yesterday, the training wheels came off! She picked it up in a day... mostly because it was very overdue... but I don't want to take any glory from her. She did a great job!

Since she's been out of school, I've been letting her dress herself. Most days you will find her in this fairy costume. :D

I've been neglecting my Blythes in the photo department recently, so I decided to take Zooey out and was able to snap some shots of her:

She has the best clothes... I would trade her wardrobes in an instant. Vintage powder blue sailor dress? Yes, please. There are more pictures of her on my Flickr, if you are interested. I'm off to wrap up some loose ends so I can enjoy another fun weekend with some great friends. I hope yours will be wonderful, too! xoxoxoxoxo Katie

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  1. Figuring out the bike and flying solo is SUCH a big day. Yay! I adore her fairy costume, complete with sparkly pink shoes (does that come in my size????)... :)