Thursday, June 4

More Cake Toppers!

I realize it is major wedding season. Soooooo... in celebration of super duper wedding extravaganza season, I just posted more cake toppers in the shop. In addition to these:

You will find these:

And these:

Hooray! I'm attending/shooting a wedding on Saturday and you know what that means... lots of yummy cake to eat! Mmmm...


  1. So cute! I think I will divorce Cody and remarry him just so you can make me some!-Jcl

  2. such originality - how were the ostriches received at their secret destination?

  3. The ostriches were almost a disaster-- they were fastened to the wire nest, and USPS tweaked them and when they got there they wouldn't stand. Luckily, I gave some tips on how to adjust them and they got fixed. Whew.

    Jcl- you totally should (and don't you dare tell Cody I said that!). :D

  4. Oh I just love the little giraffes! They are wonderful. On another note, I remember a past post of yours in regards to vintage styled swimwear and today I came across this site that had some great options and perhaps you may like one or two of them. They even have the swimming caps. I like the "Retro Chic Sailor Suit One Piece Swimsuit". Oh well, here's the link for you-

    The first couple are meh, but scrolling down further there are more interesting ones.

  5. OHMIGOSH! Those cake toppers are awesome!!! All I have to do now is to convince him...

  6. i would love to own one of your little creatures! they are adorable! also...i have been hunting for a blythe doll of my own. yours are stunning! i think i was just inspired for my next blog post. :)