Monday, June 15

I Heart Jennys

Sorry I've been so hit and miss lately-- I ended with a crazy amount of orders last week (yay!), we're still recording and it was my turn to cram in as much piano as possible because of the portability of my rig, and somehow I came down with a summer cold. Blek. I did have some great things happen, though, so I'm here to share:

First of all, I GOT TO SEE JENNY LEWIS LAST NIGHT! She and her band were completely impressive-- the ins and outs of songs, the various players, and she's one of the best singers I've seen live. The whole show (minus the opening bands, of course) was amazing! I was sent to the merch table with a wad of money and came back with no change. Hee, hee. She played a lot of my favorite songs, but this one may have been one of the best. It was completely unexpected, and totally beautiful.

It was pretty great- definitely the highlight of the day...


It's a draw between that and this:
I haven't done a craft fair yet. I've attended one and it was really fun, but I've never gotten the interaction with customers (potential friends) and gotten to see many reactions to animals that people order. Well, yesterday I had the honor of hand delivering a custom owl wedding cake topper set, complete with baby owl, and it was joyous. Jenny (the receiver) loved them and it was very touching. I adored seeing the sincerity in her eyes and actually getting to talk to her about her family and wedding. It was really wonderful to meet her. It makes me look forward to doing a craft fair or two this year. I can't believe I didn't snap a picture of that family set before I handed it over... oh, distractions.

I'll try to be more post-eriffic this week. Have a good night!

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