Tuesday, June 9

Facebook and Movies.

So, I have a fan page on Facebook, thanks to Etsy. I mean, they had a tutorial basically spelling it out for me, so how could I refuse? Well, I couldn't. So I'm there. I hope you'll visit if you're an fb-er, too.

Now for the movie bit. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS:

...even though that trailer is the slightest bit of cheesy...


  1. I will see that with you!


    p.s. I linked to yer etsy on my latest blahg entry. Bisou!

  2. Hi! my friend Becky found your Facebook page and posted it on my facebook page...Nice work!
    and I love your blog!
    its nice to know that more people are mixing thier blogs up with the stuff they love AND sell!

    also, EXCELLENT TASTE, I think that movie was a direct response to my prayers or something. hahahaha.

    my FB page for thriftalina is here: