Saturday, June 6

Someone Ate a Tooth

That's right. My little one has been hanging on to her first loose tooth for weeks now. She's been so afraid of pulling it and having it hurt, that we just let her take care of it on her own. Hope's solution was leave it in until something chewy pulls it out, then swallow whatever the "hard thing" was in her mouth. Yep, she ate it. Luckily, there will be plenty more to come...

Now I can't stop watching her talk because SHE'S SO STINKIN' CUTE.


  1. We TOLD her so!! She is pretty freaking adorable :)

  2. My Katie lost one in a chinese Rest, swallowed it as well; she was very distraught, wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy about it and the tooth fairy left a note back wth a trinket under her pillow saying that it was ok to swallow it that, well, 'in the end', it would end up in the TF's collection. Her twin Gracie lost one in school, put it on her lunch tray and poof it was gone; another note from the TF explained that shed an unassigned tooth had been returned to her and shed noted that Grace had lost one but there wasnt anything under her pillow to account for it so it must have been hers...a trinket was left as well.
    Grace became a champion tooth loser, seemed shed sneeze and theyd fall out, finally the TF got... tired of repeat visits, esp since Katie at 11 STILL had only lost 4. Last week Katie finally lost another - shed kept secret that it was loose for fear Id pull it...she left a note asking to keep the tooth along with the trinket and since it was the first one in 2 yrs shed lost, the TF agreed.

  3. That is so sweet... and too funny. Kids are great that way. We have a family friend who is 1 year older than Hope, and she'll just yank them out. She's tough as nails and it really doesn't phase her...

    Hope, on the other hand, is a very cautious child. She's quite deliberate about everything she does, and can't figure out why anyone would just yank on a tooth-- it would hurt way too much. :D

  4. Yikes! But awww. Another milestone in a young lady's life. :) Brenda

  5. I had to share a link for this video, Ive always LOVED this song:

  6. Hee hee, that is so cute! I felt the same way when my daughter lost her first tooth. She's totally adorable! Luckily, she didn't swallow her tooth and it's kept in her tooth fairy box. =)