Thursday, June 25

Internets, Come Back!

Sorry for the absence. Unfortunately, (for me at least) I'm not here to say I'm back. I only got to stop by my home-- WITH INTERNET-- for a brief moment and now I'm headed back out. We're house-sitting for my in-laws, which is really only necessary because we're dog sitting for them too. This dog is like a little baby: she eats people food, she takes special beauty products everyday, and she can't be alone. Like, at all. She's been sulking this entire week so far. She won't play, she barely eats, we're just lucky she's not making herself throw up like last year.

This image is only relevant because it's so flippin hot outside... and, it's pretty hilarious.

So, I'm off to the land of no internet, but I promise to come back with some photos of our not-so-exciting stay, and the custom job I just finished on Hope's Blythe-- she's sooo pretty now! Have a great weekend. We're playing a show tomorrow night, so it should be a busy one!