Thursday, January 15

Raise Money for Schools with Schoola

Raise money for schools with Schoola
I don't know if you've heard about Schoola yet, but it's a great new online shop that sells gently used children's clothing. Since I'm as frugal as they come when it comes to kids' clothes, I'm already a big fan. Another reason I feel great standing behind Schoola is that 40% of the proceeds go back to schools. Schoola is running a campaign right now called #PassTheBag, where you can donate clothes to benefit your own school or home school organization. I also love the idea of the girls choosing which clothes they'd like to donate, as it helps them get excited about giving to others.

Raise money for schools with Schoola Raise money for schools with Schoola Raise money for schools with Schoola Raise money for schools with Schoola
(Oh, Poesy.)
Hope picked this cardigan and Poe picked the dress and shirt out from the Schoola site.  They had a lot of fun online shopping with me.  It was cute.

Check out the Schoola site to request your own #PassTheBag to benefit your school!  Oh, and they will be launching a women's line in the Spring!  I love second hand shopping!

Happy Thursday, friends! xo.


  1. What a wonderful idea! It's always important to donate to schools!

  2. What a great idea! I love finding sites that give back like this, plus I'm a fan of thrifty shopping!

  3. I assumed your girls were homeschooled -Hanna Lei

    1. They are. I still think it's important to support schools, and, you can designate your money to a home school organization if preferred!

  4. those two are so cute!

    xx nikki