Wednesday, January 28

Weekly Wears: Florals Forever

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It's felt a lot like Spring around here lately and it's really tricking my brain.  I keep thinking about the fruits and veggies I'll be growing in the garden this year and dreaming of fresh salsa and salads.  Today it will be mid-60s and tomorrow we're supposed to start the slide into snowy weather.  I'm really content either way.  If it's going to be cold around these parts, I'm 100% PRO-SNOW.  I love snow.  So, goodbye, dreamy Spring weather and hello, dreamy winter wonderland.

Floral dress: c/o ModCloth;  Hat: PS I Adore You;  Clutch: PS I Adore You;  Socks: gift;  Boots: Seychelles;  Locket: old Free People;  Crystal Necklace: c/o ModCloth

I decided to group all of my floral dresses together in my closet for fun this week.  I'm starting to think I have a problem.  Florals forever.  ;)

Happy Wednesday, friends!  xo.


  1. I am a firm believer that floral pattern is good for the soul - and also something you can never have enough of!

    xx Kathryn

  2. I like the spring vibe in your outfit!! :) I love how the florals look with the floppy hat & the knee-high sock styling, good 80s feeling! Agree about preferring when in a cold weather to have snow, I am always begging to Barcelona to either snow or not be cold at all ;) but not sure the city is listening right now ;)

  3. I love this outfit so much! Very classy festival-chic.

  4. such a pretty dress, one can never have too many florals! and both of your necklaces look so lovely! xx

  5. That dress is so adorable! I can see that being a really awesome dress for shows. :)


  6. Loving that clutch, you look fab Katie x

  7. Love love love the clutch. Even more so, I love a good organized closet. Really need to get my booty into gear with that task. :\

  8. That's the perfect dress/sock combination! You look great!

  9. the weather in your area sounds dreamy...

  10. you are so´s a beautiful dress..! greetings from mexico

  11. I LOVE your whole outfit!! You always dress so cute!


  12. This entire outfit is such a win! I love everything, especially those socks. Holy comfy!

    Chaos Parade

  13. Absolutely amazing. The socks are killer!

  14. Florals literally takes up 75% of my closet. It's a problem. (But... I can't resist...) You look adorable!

  15. You look great and soooo beautiful!
    I love your outfit!

    Greetings & Love

  16. Katie, this is such a cute look!
    I love your dress and all the little details. Beautiful!

    much love from Paris,

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  17. Love love love this dress! Florals always put me in a great mood.

    blonde & bounder

  18. that dress is gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  19. My husband and I always joke that we will know when we are getting "old" because we will start to hate snow. Yay for being young at heart!

  20. I love snow to bad I live right next to the beach, and snow and beach do not mix in middle eastern weather! But it is frigging cold, I am typing this while wrapped up to the nose in a blanket, haha!
    I love those socks! And while this should be a comment on another post, I do just love how You do those girly dates with Your daughters too cute!!

    The Chronic Dreamer