Friday, January 30

Etsy Love

Here's my latest round of darling favorites over on Etsy!

This petite flower bud vase (above) by EleonorBostrom is too cute!

This Le Petit Prince necklace by Bunnyhell is the sweetest!

This linen cloud potholder by BoHelina would make any kitchen cuter!

I'm always a sucker for pretty handmade lingerie and this sweet set by EgrettaGarzetta is no exception!

I am smitten with this sweet brooch from dailiwonderland!

You can never have too many cute planters.  I'm pretty sure this tumbler from SelfPress needs to live in my home!

Well, it's Friday again!  Do any of you have any grand plans?  Our weekend looks to be pretty sweet!  xo.


  1. These things are too cute! I think my favorite would have to be The Little Prince necklace. That book is definitely on my most adored list.

    Circus & Bloom

  2. Those planters are so cute! You've started me off on an Etsy gardening spending spree...

  3. SO many lovely items this time! I adore them all!

  4. Wow - Etsy is most definitely a site I don't visit enough! I love that all your treasures have a sprinkle of mint on them <3

  5. All really great finds!
    I especially love the kitchen pot holder... we need some new NICE ones...

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  6. that vase is so cute!

    xx nikki

  7. I have also been smitten with Etsy lately ... I want everything I come across ... Such cute items listed here ... LOVE The Cloud :)

  8. How do you always manage to find the most beautiful items on Etsy? Love them all.