Monday, December 22

Snapshots: Growing Poe

Poesy Poesy Poesy Poesy Poesy
Lately I've been spending quite a bit of time looking through photos, trying to find the perfect ones for various gifts we have planned.  It's crazy how fast time can go and how quickly kids change.  I found the top photo of Poe from last fall and really can't believe how much older she looks and acts this year.  She is definitely no longer a baby, but she's still full of that magnetic personality.

**Photo from our outdoor scavenger hunt last year.
**I love how much my girls love books.  It seriously makes me the happiest.
**You saw the photo of the girls in the tree last week, but I couldn't resist this close up of Poesy with her little legs crossed.
**Falling asleep at sister's piano recital.  I love that she can still conk out anywhere.
**I have about 30 of these in various poses.  She LOVES to pose for photos.

We spent the weekend throwing a Christmas party, traveling to play a show, and then at the ballet last night, so I'm drinking coffee coffee coffee and getting this Monday knocked out!  I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. OMG! She's the cutest!
    Actually, the second cutest one, because I have a little sis who is pretty much the same.
    And she also looks like getting bigger faster than it's possible.

    Enjoy every little second :)
    She's a little princess! 💜


  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend Katie, but hopefully you'll find some time to relax over the holidays!

    Poe is so full of personality, I love seeing photos of her on your blog. Thanks for sharing these little snaps - they always make me smile :)

    xx Kathryn

  3. Her little hands on that book are too precious. These photos are just beautiful.


  4. she is such a cutie pie!

    xx nikki