Wednesday, December 10

Weekly Wears: Love, Love, Love

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Guys.  Let's just talk about how the sun came out this day and it was everything.  I never used to be so bad about having the gloomy day sads, but it's a very real thing in my adult life.  I think by the time I'm a grandma age I'll have to live in the sunniest part of the world.  This day, though... I was productive, I wore my favorite Family Affairs dress (swoon), and the sun was waving a special hello to me.  It was a good one.

Dress: c/o Family Affairs;  Socks: Tabbisocks;  Shoes: c/o Bali ELF;  Flower crown: Manzanita

I've had a serious crush on Family Affairs for years now, so any time I get to own a piece or work with Nina, I basically turn into a Backstreet Boys fan in the 90s.  Actually, while I was typing that I wanted to reference being a DuJour fan, but I thought less people would know what I was talking about.  (Josie and the Pussycats anyone?)  Anyway, this dress is on super sale today, so if you're thinking of getting yourself a little prezzie, now might just be the time to do that.  It features Nina's own hand-printed drawing, inspired by a patchwork she made as a kid, so if you thought this dress couldn't more charming, well, there you go.

I'll be spending all of today packing up ornaments and get them out to you guys.  I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the support.  You guys are great, great, GREAT.  xo.


  1. Super cute! You wear it well.


  2. So pretty! :) How do you get your over knee socks to stay up though? I love having over knee socks but they keep falling down and I feel I spend more time dragging them upward than feeling pretty in them :/

    1. I know what you mean! Tabbisocks make great ones that don't really stretch out! I don't buy any knee/thigh socks that aren't extra long or feel like they will stretch out quickly because I HATE doing the sock pull.

    2. I was wondering that too! I know it's partially because of my fat thighs though, haha.

  3. That ensemble is gorgeous !

    xx m.see

  4. This is such a cute dress, and I love the would-be DuJour reference! Might have to give that a rewatch soon.
    Your blog is beautiful, it always brightens up my study-breaks/procrastination when I see something new.
    Much love x

  5. Aw this dress is cute, the look really suits you!

    Jade x ♡

  6. Such a fun look. I tend to get sad when my vitamin D source is hiding behind the clouds too. I find it helps to get outside (and I use my SPF free moisturizer) for at least 20 min on those cloudy days and go for a walk. Oh, and also Taylor Swift.

  7. love those knee-highs!

    xx nikki

  8. You are seriously the cutest. Love this dress. XOX

  9. Love love love your outfit :) And the socks... are amazing :)

  10. So cute Katie, you look stunning x

  11. That dress is so cute! I love how you paired it with the socks too and the flower crown headband is amazing!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    xo April Everyday

  12. Those thigh high socks are magical -- I love the length & color. I love sunny days too which is great because I'm from California. :] // ▲ ▲

  13. I love, love, love the "LOVE" dress! Haha and the headband and socks are so unique but everything comes together in true Skunkboy style. Way to rock it!
    PS You're never going to be an old lady. Ever. You're gonna be young forever :)
    ~ Samantha

  14. Adorable! I love those thigh-highs; I can't wear tall socks because they end up rolling down. I've got pretty muscular thighs. Ah, well. They look cute on other people! And that dress is so darling! I think you paired it so perfectly with accessories.I need to start wearing flower crowns again!

  15. adorable outfit! and i feel you on the dark and gloomy days, it has really been affecting my mood!
    xo, cheyenne

  16. Love your look, is so sweet !!!
    Kisses pretty