Thursday, April 17

DIY Lacing Cards

If you have seen any of my DIYs in the past, you've probably figured out that A) I'm a handmade gift nut, and B) I love to make playable toys for my own kids.  I say playable because there are so many beautiful DIYs out there for kiddos (and I've made many myself) that just don't stand up to the wear and tear of play time.  My focus over the last year or so has been to make sure all of my kid toy DIYs are actually usable and not just for show. 
With that being said, today I'm teaming up with Canon USA today to bring you a fun DIY you can do with your own kiddos, or make as a personalized gift for friends or family!  

Here's what you will need for this project:
Photos of whoever/whatever will make these the most fun!
Glue, Scissors, and a pen
Cropadile or long reaching hole punch

Now, let's get started!
First, get your photos in order.  I took waaaaaaay too long choosing the perfect photos.  It's so easy to get lost in the archives, am I right?  ALSO.  My girls are getting so darn big.  Anyway, if you are printing photos at home, now is the time to do so.  I made my photos into a collage in Photoshop before I sent them to print, just to use as few pieces of photo paper as possible.  I used a Canon PIXMA MG7120 for printing this project and it made it SO easy.  That's saying a lot because I seem to be the kind of person who attracts printer issues!  It's a hidden talent, apparently.

Next, cut out your photos.
After your photos are all cut out, trace around them onto your cardboard pieces.  Cut the cardboard down to the exact size of the photos (mine were 4x6).

Now that all the cardboard is cut, glue the photos onto the cardboard.  I used a paintbrush to make sure the glue went all the way to the edges.
After the glue has dried, plan out your designs and mark them on your photos.  Use your Cropadile or hole punch (or scissors if that's what you have on hand) to punch holes in the cards.  Make sure they are big enough for the yarn you will be using!

After you've made it through all the cards, spread a thin layer of ModPodge over the photos.  This protects the photos from getting smeared and protects little hands from potential ink smudges.
Also, feel free to paint the backs of the cards with fun colors- just make sure to seal them with ModPodge so the paint doesn't chip or flake!

Now you're all done and it's time to play!  You can use a plastic yarn needle, or simply wrap some tape around the end of the yarn before little ones start lacing.
(This is great for fine motor development!)
(I love their little concentration faces.)
The girls thought these were equal parts fun and hilarious!  Poe's favorite was the photo with the glasses and Hope loved Poesy with a mustache!  I truly love projects that are customizable!  I think I just figured out what all of my friends' kids are getting for their birthdays this year.  Just request some photos of pets and family members and make cards to fit that family!  Happy crafting!  xo. Katie


  1. it's a great and very original diy :-)
    ps: love your new lay-out.

  2. Love this! And your new blog design. I just finished designing mine, its a chore.

  3. Katie! Love the new look around here! So glad there's still elements from the old look of the blog, cause love the little illustration of you at the top. Also, swooning over the linen look of the background. Props to the Maiedae girls for pulling it off! Looks great!

  4. This is such a fun & cute little DIY! And I love that it helps with fine motor skills; it's so important to help foster growth while having fun!


    p.s. I am SERIOUSLY digging on the new blog layout! Adorable!

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    Desiree @

  7. So cute!! Love the new blog design!!!

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  10. Very Cute! I do something similar on my project life photos but use embroidery thread!

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  12. Very cute. I love how easy this is to do! -Hanna Lei

  13. I totally want to make these now! Also, your girls are SO beautiful. Also, loving the new blog layout!!

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  16. Love the new layout! Also, I'm super excited to make these for my favourite little!!

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  19. Cute idea! Love how you used B/W photos to make the yarn colors pop! The glasses lacing is so adorable :)

  20. Cute idea! Love how you used B/W photos to make the yarn colors pop! The glasses lacing is so adorable :)