Thursday, December 4

Mother, Daughter

Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter
Guys, how in the world are we four days into December?  That feels so crazy to me!  Johnny and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 2nd and his birthday is right around the corner on the 6th.  December is always our craziest month because of all the birthdays (Johnny, my bro in law Joey, my mom), our anniversary, my busiest Skunkboy Creatures month and Christmas EVERYTHING (I love Christmas everything).  We are playing in a Beatles tribute show this Saturday, so we've been preparing for that and I could not be more excited.  I look forward to this show every year.  There is certainly a lot going on, but I wouldn't trade any of it.  I WOULD maybe give myself a few extra hours each day (30 hour days could be pretty productive, right?), but that's not possible so I'll cram in what I can.  :))

Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter Mother, Daughter
On Katie-- Dress: c/o Lykke Wullf;  Shirt: F21;  Tights: ASOS (last year);  Shoes: ABM for Swedish Hasbeens;  Clutch: c/o Mallory

On Hope-- Jacket: c/o Minni Wullf;  Shirt: Marshalls;  Pants: Target;  Shoes: c/o Minnetonka

On Poesy-- Overalls: c/o Minni Wullf;  Shirt: vintage;  Shoes: Toms

We've been going to quite a few holiday parties lately (and more to come), and I have to say, I love getting everyone dressed up for them.  We were invited to a friendsgiving last weekend and it was the perfect time to wear our new Lykke Wullf duds.  Somehow Hope always ends up stealing the show in these Mother, Daughter photos... which I absolutely love.  That girl has some major hair... and the sweetest smile.  She's great.

Anyway, I hope your week has been treating you right!  I'm a little more behind on ornaments than I planned, so I'll be putting everything I have made in the shop on Monday!  xo.


  1. You are all so stylish!! I love your dress and its colors, Hope's spectacular jacket and of course Poesy's overalls!! Happy holiday season!

  2. What size are you wearing of the Pattie Metallic Jumper? I've had my eye on it for a while but unsure of fit. Looks amazing on you btw!

  3. Wonderful photos!
    You and your daughters are sooooo beautiful and realy special in a realy good way!

    Greetings & Love

  4. Your tights are SWEET! Cute pictures. :)

  5. you girls look adorable!!
    Christmas everything is good. I've no time to think about it though!


  6. Such a cute little family!! The three of you are simply adorable! Have fun for this very busy month indeed!

  7. You guy are just the cutest! Sounds like you've got an amazing if not busy month coming up! x

  8. Oh wow Katie your tights are so cute! Also, I've got some hair envy going on - love the little loop you've got in your hair! How do you do that?? (Tutorial, perhaps??)
    ~ Samantha

  9. such cute photos! and yesss, i wouldn't mind those 30 hours, right now the days just seem to fly by!
    xo, cheyenne

  10. One of my all time favorite posts you've done! Such a beautiful family, with so much clear love between one another. Love the technicolor shot of Hope in her jacket! I hope she's feeling as good as she looks! (from lots of personal experience - especially during adolescence - anxiety is a beast.) Hope your busy December is wonderful, you all look fantastic! XO

  11. Love your outfit: dress, stockings, and shoes. Not to mention your beautiful red hair... but you knew that already. Too cute!

  12. You have such a beautiful family, and you all have such amazing style! Lykke Wulf's designs are so gorgeous! Best of luck with the busy month that you have ahead of you!


    Sweet Helen Grace

  13. I love the different personalities that shine through in all of you! Your girls are the cutest! I adore your dress, and Poesy's overalls, and Hope's pants! You are all so lovely!

  14. Très belle famille ! Sweet family

  15. hope's hair is so cute!

    xx nikki

  16. hello, next time you cut your bangs, make sure to make a tutorial...I would love to know how you do. thank you