Monday, December 29

A Very Merry Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014
We had another wonderful family Christmas this year.  Hope accidentally slept until almost 8am, which was great for me.  That kid is usually up at 5am every Christmas morning.  We opened presents, had cinnamon rolls, and listened to all the records I got.  Johnny's big gifts were a Louisville Slugger baseball bat with "Johnny Baby" carved in it, a handheld Super NES device, and a heavy duty backpack to hold all of his cables/tuner/picks/slide/music junk.  Hope's big presents were mostly Lego sets and the complete Harry Potter collection.  Poe's big gifts were a wooden dollhouse (yeah, we so need another dollhouse ;) ), Equestria Girls ponies (she calls them "Egokes Girls"... I dunno where she got that but it's really cute), and this "spiky hair" Lala Loopsy mini she's been asking for.  Everyone was excited and pleased with their gifts and we spent the rest of the day relaxing until we had to pack up and drive to Johnny's parents' house.

Here are a few highlights from Christmas morning at my in-laws' house.  Poor Poesy did NOT want to wake up, but the cousins were ready and roarin' to rip into the presents under the tree.

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014
After Christmas there, we went to my mom's house and had another Christmas with my family.  This is what life looked like once we got through the holiday extravaganza and made it back to our home sweet home:

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014
If you celebrated Christmas, I hope it was a great one!  If not, I hope it was a wonderful day regardless.  :)  xo.

**My "hermit" sweatshirt is from Kinship Goods and my "I'm so tired" sweatshirt is from Hello Apparel.


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing so many authentic Christmas moments! I enjoyed Christmas also this year - what isn't self evident :)
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  2. Love the 'after' shot of Poesy upside down on the sofa! She looks like she's asleep, but she can't be... can she?!

    1. She totally was! We were cracking up when we found her like that! :D

  3. That sounds like wonderful Christmas celebrations with all your families! All theses photos are so cute and so natural i love them! Glad you had a lovely time all together! Many kisses dear Katie!

  4. Mery Christmas to you all! Mine was great and now I'm hoping the same for New Year's Eve! :)

  5. Looks like some wonderful memories were made. :) Glad you had such a great Christmas!

  6. So fun! My kids wake up around 4am every Christmas and last year we had a similar "crash scene" with my son. One minute he was talking to us, the next he was doing over the side of an overstuffed chair out cold. We took all sorts of pictures to tease him with later. Do much fun.

  7. Beautiful photos :) Great memories to look back on, for sure! Just wondering, but did you use one of the BM actions for these? I love the golden glow...

  8. The causal and very real feeling of these photos rocks. You are lovely with a bare face. And man, I am coveting that hermit sweatshirt.....

  9. My, how big the kids have gotten over the past year. Poe seems to have grown a foot! Merry Christmas. Also, has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Grimes? Well, you do!

  10. hahaha oh that last picture of Poesy is amazing. Looks like me after a long day. Legs UP.
    I would say that it looks like a nice Xmas but MAN, looks more like a very tiring Xmas from Poesy's pictures ;)

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  11. What a lot of beautiful gifts! Girls look extremely happy about this Christmas! Thanks to share these precious and magic moments with us!

  12. OMG. The sleepy Poe in that picture is the cutest thing ever. Makes me want to hug her tight .

    If my grandma saw her , she would say that she was going to hug her so tight that would make baby soup. :)
    She always say that for my little sis.

    Happy Holidays Katie, best wishes for you and your family :)

  13. sounds like a great christmas. :) lovely photos!
    xo, cheyenne

  14. What an awesome tree!

  15. What a lovely day. So jealous of that First Aid Kit, on vinyl and I love your Hermit shirt. <3 Glad your Christmas was so sweet. XO

  16. I love that you show the crazy messy post-Christmas house! I get really caught up with perfection and seeing your so-lovely house look like kids actually live there is super refreshing.

  17. beautiful family! i´m from mexico and adore your blog

  18. We had a beautiful loud Christmas Day with my husbands extended family including his 83 yr old grandmother. We haven't had Christmas with her for ages since she doesn't travel anymore. It was a day I think we will always treasure. Glad you also had a wonderful day celebrating :)
    Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours from Australia. Xo

  19. their PJs are so cute!

    xx nikki