Tuesday, December 16


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December has been a whirlwind of a month.  I've been working, working at getting all my ornament orders sewn up and getting everything shipped out (and they are and it's a huge relief), we traveled last weekend for Hope's first gymnastics competition of the season, our band has still been playing most weekends, and I've been squeezing in Christmas shopping when I can.   All good things, right?  I can't believe Christmas will be here next week.  How is that possible?  I'm going to take a little time to myself over Christmas break and read a book (WHAT?) and make something for fun.  It's good to reenergize when you can.

**Hope loves to read in her tree and Poesy wanted to be just like sis.
**Sometimes in life you steal your kid's Kin Ship Goods (we love them!) sweatshirt and wear it because it's cute and you can.
**Driving past KC, MO
**Hope on the balance beam
**Hope on the floor (I'm not super at action shots, but I love to have these to look back on)
**Cutest little spectator
**A little batch of guys going to their new homes.  I wish I had an entire group shot.  Maybe next year.
**Hope at her piano recital.  She's got nerves of steal, I tell ya.  With all of this competing and performing, I just grow prouder and prouder.  That stuff isn't easy!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  I'll be in the studio sewing all day-- I'll be sharing more about that soon!  xo.


  1. Those ornaments! Eee!

  2. You guys are so great!
    Hope seems so talent and adult on the pics.
    She's beautiful!
    P.s. They totally should make these kids sweatshirt in adult size! SO CUTE!

    1. You can get it in adult sizes here, if I got one and it's pretty great :D

  3. you go, girls! what an awesome bunch you are :)

    it's a pleasure seeing your girls growing up... i hope i'll have reason to be just as proud a mother as you can be ... one day ;)

  4. Enjoy! What are you going to read? :)
    P.S.- So-o jealous of Hope's reading tree...

  5. that first photo is just adorable. as is that cat jumper! xx

  6. Wow what talent!!! I miss gymnastics! And I love the piano photo - so classy :)
    ~ Samantha

  7. I have to say that your Snapshots posts are always some of my favorite - I love the little peek into your life. Your ornaments are just the cutest things ever. I'm hoping to finally snatch myself up one next year before they're gone!!

    xx Kathryn

  8. Wow, full but exciting days! Congrats to Hope! Just competing is an accomplishment!


  9. Beautiful photos. I love them all. It's great to take little peaks into our favourite blogger's lives. :-)))


    P.S. I agree! Hope is one tough cookie!

  10. ..I'm like WOW! Hope does gymnastics AND learns the piano? She has my total respect! :) Lovely pictures! Loved your reading tree! Katie have a Merry Christmas! Evanthiaxx

  11. Hope has barrels and barrels of talent! Amazing!


  12. wow-- hope rocks!! love her gymnastics photos!

    xx nikki

  13. lovely photos! yes i just cannot believe christmas is next week. time flieeees.
    xo, cheyenne

  14. awesome pics...

    hope the girls are doing well xx


  15. Womderful photos Katie. Gosh Hope is amazing. You certainly are creative. They are so cute.
    Happy Christmas Katie

  16. lovely pics!! have a great holiday katie!

  17. That first picture is just too adorable! And I definitely want a narwhal tree next year! Merry Christmas! Libby xxx

  18. I know that I am not the first to ask, but could you, would you make a narwhal ornament as a special order? I have missed out despite my efforts to watch for them stalker style. :) I am open to purchase any time of the year.