Sunday, May 16


This week was jam packed!  I had surprise visitors, mega treasures, more surprise visitors, and a total food fest!  I'm full... and tired.  Here's a glimpse:

Erin and Will showed up in my town.  Everyone knew this was happening (including Hope) but me.  It was a nice surprise.  :)  This was us having Tootsie Pops and driving to the park for giant frisbee.

Haha... Hope and I accidentally, awkwardly posing... (photo by Will)

(again, Will)
 I'm notorious for making big breakfasts when friends are around, and that's exactly what I did.  Hope is giving my Free People magazine some extra personality.  I'll have to share one day... her additions are quite hilarious.

Treasures and traveling companions...

Silly faced friends and awesome Chinese food...

Many rainy day car rides...

And lots and lots of Starbucks.  :)

I probably should have taken more pictures of what was happening around me this week, instead of way too many pictures of that silly doll... but, hey, I can't help myself!  Also, I got a crazy awesome new dress this week, which I'll have to share pictures of soon.  I love it!

Guess what tomorrow is.  Tattoo day!  The day is finally gonna be here.  Elsie and I will be getting new tattoos and I'm SUUUPER excited.  I'll try to remember to tweet pictures throughout the day.  Wish me luck!  I actually have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I'm not that worried.  I'll share real pics when it's a little bit healed.  Have a great night, friends!

(Ha! This is even what I look like right now.  It's almost like you're sitting in the room with me.)
xoxo Katie


  1. Ah, my cute little friend. I can't wait to hang out with you again sometime soon. :)

    Good luck on your tattoo tomorrow!

  2. Can't wait to see your tattoo pics! you are so gorgeous!

  3. oooh i love surprise visits and big breakfasts!!!! do you hear that knock? its me at your door. jk

  4. I can't wait to see your tattoo! I'm sure it'll be absolutely beautiful. ♥ Also, that Blythe just melts my heart, you lucky lucky girl!

    Love and Turtledoves,

  5. tootsie pops, starbucks and giant breakfasts? sounds like the perfect weekend!

  6. I'm excited to see your new tattoo. Now I'm craving a tootsie pop. A brown one to be exact. :)

  7. Looks like an amazing weekend! Any weekend full of Starbucks is :) Can't wait to see your tattoos!!

  8. oh such cute photos! cant wait to hear all about tattoo day! :D

  9. I can't wait to see your tattoo! I have such an urge to get another, but I won't to hold off until the fall.

  10. Awhh I love Erin! You guys are too freakin' cute. I can't wait to see your tattoo! My half sleeve appointment is on the 30th eeee! I'm so anxious.