Monday, May 10

Photos From the Weekend

So... it's been several days since I've blogged.  Chalk it up to a busy life, I suppose.  ;)  I had a great ending to a not-so-great week last week, and it totally turned everything around.  Mother's Day yesterday was lovely, plus I got to eat tooooo many cupcakes.  It was fantastic!

Mmmm... Starbucks!
Lots and lots of sewing...
New favorite shoes!
Craig's List meet-ups...
Fun photo shoots with friends.  :)
The nicest notes from cute, elderly waitresses...
I'm secretly a sword-toting dragon slayer.  Don't tell too many people.
Short-distance road trips. :)
Blythe fun with the best Blythe-pal.
Fresh-cut flowers from my MIL's house.  SO gorgeous!
Sleepy friends and FroYo.  :)
 This album on vinyl.

I hope your weekend was just peachy!  Thank you for all the Happy Mother's Day wishes, too!  You guys are great!  I'll be back later with a Music Monday post.  xoxo Katie


  1. SUCH a cute weekend. Glad it was a good one. It's always fun to have a great time with friends. :)

  2. i can't wait see alec's photos.... i'm starting to get a panic attack! :)

    you forgot... "almost got arrested for breaking & entering" uh-oh!

  3. woah, this cat power album is one of the best albums EVER! i absolutely luv it!!!
    p.s.: you´re the cutest!

  4. You're so so so lovely.
    I love the way your photos always look. SO pretty!


  5. glad to hear you had such a wonderful weekend!
    and yes sword fighting is fun...I do it with my boys all the time.

  6. i have a pair of shoes like that in black! i'm wearing them today. :) cute pictures!

  7. Um, that was the cutest post ever. Your waitress complimented your top via your bill?!?! Also, I can't WAIT to have a daughter if mine turns out half as awesome as yours. Wowsers.

  8. oh my goodness... such cute weekend photos! And your yellow top is very adorable.

  9. where are your shoes from i need a pair

  10. omg where did you get those pretty shoes!

  11. The pictures are adorable! Love the Stratocaster and Blythes.

    Are you using the Hipstamatic to process your photos? Which setting are you on? I love the combo result!

  12. your daughter is precious! how fun for her to have you as a mom.

  13. Did you get those shoes from Nordstrom?! I have some that look exactly like that and I wore them to my wedding!