Monday, May 31

Music Monday: Dr. Dog

Gaaaaaah!  I just got Fate in the mail a couple of days ago,
and it has taken my Dr. Dog obsession up to max levels.
My poor friends... I just listen over and over on repeat.
It's the true sign (for me) of being in love with an album.
I'm pretty sure I wanna marry Dr. Dog... or just go back
in time and see them live again.  It was a pretty magical show.

(via Google Images)

*Side note: I typically have "I Only Wear Blue" 
stuck in my head, and I don't mind it. ;)

Enjoy! xoxo Katie
P.S. Special thanks to sweet Chelsea for rekindling 
this love. <3


  1. oooh, I think I like these guys!
    I'm in dire need of fresh tunes.. like really.
    Thanks for sharing, Katie!

  2. When you get the chance, see them live. I saw them perform a couple years ago and they were highly entertaining!

  3. dr. dog is from philadelphia (where i live) and they're huge here. perhaps i'll have to give them a listen.

  4. Hey they will be at Bonnaroo the 11th-13th of this month. Come to Tennessee!!!