Thursday, May 13


I was thiiiiis close to naming her Claude tonight, and as I was driving to the gym, it hit me!  August.  The perfect name for her!  She's kind of the prettiest August ever.  Thanks everyone for the suggestions and doll love.  You are the best!!!

(Another gratuitous doll photo...)

I know I said I'd be back with Lovely Inspiration tonight, but I'm saving it for tomorrow, because it works out perfectly.  So, yes... I promise a grown-up blog post tomorrow.  ;)  Also, a few things will be added to the shop tomorrow afternoon.  This fella included:

Oh, man!  It's good I have August to keep me distracted, because I LOVE him!  Anyway, you can snatch him tomorrow, if you'd like.  Now it's sewing time for me!

xoxo Katie


  1. i love narwhals!
    they're the cousin to my favorite animal, the beluga whale. :)

    august is such a darling little doll!
    and the name suits her perfectly.


  2. You are so cute! I am happy August turned out so very pretty. Your narwhal is quite adorable as well. One day I can buy one. ONE DAY! :)


  3. Great name - and not just because it's my birthday.
    I was vetoed when I wanted to use it as a baby girl name.

  4. August is the perfect fit! She is beautiful.
    Your narwhal is great! It's rare to see it depicted in art of any form. xo

  5. I love your narwhals! They all are just soo adorable and this one might just take the cake =)

    oh and I agree, August was a perfect name, she's just too cute.

  6. Cute narwhal! I love the name August--I can see it in her eyes. She looks so pretty! So I'm assuming that's not the hair she came with?

  7. August is perfect. That's my birthday month haha. And did you really just post a Narwhal?! I love that little guy! You're so cute. Can't wait to read your *grown up post* tomorrow :)

  8. Hee hee... it IS the hair she came with!!! She's cleaning up well. :)

  9. Hello, August! Nice to meet you. :)