Wednesday, May 12


I can count on my hand my list of fantasy finds at flea markets.  Today, one of them came true... well, half true.  $5 for a Blythe head?  Yes, please!  :)

I don't know much about Kenners, so I'm not saying she's a Kenner until I'm 100%, completely positive.  For now, I'll just be happy to have found a Blythe head in working order.  She'll be going to a spa (most likely) and getting a body.  I'm excited.  Like, REALLY EXCITED!  Thanks, Erin, for finding her.  She's a treasure.  :)  xo Katie


  1. How amazing! Finding a vintage Blythe is always on my thrift wish list! Congrats!


  2. Oh how wonderful! I wish I could find such great treasures. :] I want a Blythe so desperately! I wish they weren't so much money.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  3. Oooo, that is definitely a fab and rare find!!! xo

  4. holy freaking hell, congrats.
    thats one of my dreams too haha and the price is even perfect (normally their price is a little crazy)
    It gives hope those those who hope to someday find a kenner at the op shop, i know ive been searching for a few years now myself :)

    I bet she will be gorgeous when she is all fixed up a little.
    you have a beautiful little brunette kenner head there! :)

    (you can also modify a takara or licca body to fit her so she is "whole" again! :)

  5. She's definitely a Kenner! Such a good find! I'm sobbing with jealousy right now ;D

  6. What a pretty girl. Mika (

  7. Kool! Can't wait to see her 'whole'

  8. wow! amazing! That is definitely a Kenner!

    Congrats! Cannot wait to see her all fixed up!

  9. You will have to keep us posted on her transformation! Soooo excited for you! We have a local antique mall w/ a doll booth that I dig thru everytime I am there with high hopes.. someday maybe! ;)

  10. I stayed up until 4 am working on her (for fun, of course!), and she is looking great!

    My flea market pal and I always talk about one day dreaming of finding one! I can't believe it happened. I'll post pictures for everyone to see once she's all fixed. :))))))))

  11. HOLY #$@!!!!

    That is so awesome! Congrats!

  12. That is such a great find! I always check the thrift stores for Blythes & Blythe parts, just in case. :) Haven't found anything yet but now I know I shouldn't give up! Congrats, she's gorgeous!