Monday, May 3

Music Monday: Wilco

*Sigh* I love Wilco.  Chances are, you love them, too.  Sky Blue Sky
is one of the best albums... the sounds are wonderful and the songs are
great.  I've been listening to Wilco non-stop today, and it's making
my lovely day even better!

Um, yeah... and Nels Cline is amazing.  He melts my face off.

Once when we were in town to see Wilco, Nels stopped Johnny on the street (who was toting a handful of my animals) and was asking about my creatures.  That turned into Nels taking us back to the stage after sound check and showing us all of his gear and whatnot.  Nels the narwhal is named after him. :)

(Hummingbird is for you, Ian.)

What's your favorite Wilco song?  xo Katie


  1. I love She's A Jar. Also the recessional song at my wedding was "I'm the Man Who Loves You"

    Oh Wilco.


  2. I love Wilco! Saw them last summer, in the outdoor concert venue I blogged about yesterday! It was magic.

    Do you know of Chad VanGaalen??
    I think you'd luv him!

  3. Oh yes Wilco is wonderful! Thanks for the post, I always look forward to your Music Mondays♥

    on a side note - have you heard Glen Phillips? He has been my favorite singer songwriter for seriously 20 years, could listen to his voice forever. I'd love to know what you think of him!

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  5. I LOVE Wilco. Almost as much as I love Old Crow Medicine Show. What am I saying? I love them both about the same. Any alternative country band is a-ok in my book. But great choice in songs to share. xo

  6. Dude how awesome is that Wilco story?! If Nels ever pulled MY boyfriend aside to ask him about something, he'd do embarrassing things in his pants.

    "She fell in love with a drummer, another and another!"

  7. Your "Music Mondays" are always great, and thanks to them, I have a few new addictions! Unfortunately, my family is not too happy with my new love of Joanna Newsom.
    As far as Wilco goes, I'm rather fond of "You and I" featuring Feist. I love the blend of their voices together. Wilco is just all around amazing!

  8. I simply can't pick one favorite. There seems to be a favorite for every mood. I love "Magazine Called Sunset" and "Misunderstood" and "Hate it Here." But the real point is they are a great rock and roll band making good music--again and again. My son really likes "Passenger Side." We introduced him early so he's been singing about Stacy's mom and losing one's license since he was old enough to know the words. Oops.

  9. Thumbs up. I love them- I could listen to Heavy Metal Drummer 100 times in a row and still not be sick of it.