Friday, August 28

Hey, it's Friday.

It's chilly and rainy here today. Though it is Friday, I think I am skipping my typical date with the besties and exchanging it for a very quiet night filled with records and tea. I'm feeling quite somber today, so it's probably for the best, anyway. I hope your weekend is wonderful. Here's one of my favorite songs to keep you company.

Don't forget the giveaway. I'll be sharing what we're playing for on Monday.


  1. Lucky girl ... it's 96 degrees outside right now at work ... and NO a/c ...

  2. Its been pretty somber in these parts as well last cpl of days, spent hrs in line to pay respects with all of the emotion of hundreds of others...Tonight
    Im torn between two great offerings to listen to, both by Over the Rhine, so here's ...'moe'-
    "On a Roll", yeah, it works

  3. Ups... I absolutly agree with Phydeaux Phydelle, Hear in Madrid it´s so so so hot that I think that i can not stand the summer any more. Records and tea? Great plan!!!

  4. For everyone who is still enduring the heat of summer:

    I wish you could come to my house and we could sit in the dark and listen to mellow records and sample the many, many kinds of tea in my pantry. THAT sounds like a fun meet up. ;)