Tuesday, August 11

New Friends

Life is funny... you make friends, you lose them... you make friends, you sell them (hee, hee)... I've been working on some new friends on top of regular orders, and it's kept me very busy when you figure real life in there, too. Here's my newest little guy:

He's for a magazine submission. All of the animals I'm working on are slightly circus themed. A narwhal with a tophat, a monkey with rosy cheeks and a crown of flowers...

Yesterday I scored the most wonderful bag of beauties:

All of these vintage dolls heads ended up being $.97! They are so beautiful and absolutely made my day! I hope your week is going well-- I'm off to sew, sew, sew! <3


  1. Ups!!! Your new friend/creature is absolutly sweet and delicate... I love him. And... Oh my! This vintage doll!!!

  2. whats that movie? 10 heads in a bowling bag or something like that? That's all I could think LOL. Love your lion, especially his boutonniere.