Tuesday, August 4

One Lucky Girl

Lately, I feel like a lucky, lucky, lucky little boy... er, girl. The mail surprise, the awesome vacation, being surrounded by drama for a spell and then seeing only good coming from it... lots of things that I would typically expect to happen to someone else, they're happening to me! I'm thankful and happy and amazed...

Yesterday, I went to pick up another gift. A woman that I hardly know wanted to give me something... a 1963 Sonola accordion! It sounds gorgeous, it plays wonderfully, and it has pickups! No more trying to mic my accordion, I can just plug it in to my amp! Anyway, this woman received this accordion as a gift when she was 11 or 12 from her father, took lessons and learned to play, grew up and got too busy for it, and wanted to see it put to good use. Talk about impeccable timing... I just lost the red one I was playing for months, after drummer Ryan left ('cuz it was his mama's), so now I have my very own. I'm so... well, out of words.

I'm off to go build my muscles by playing my new (old) accordion. Thank you so much, Molly!


  1. Wow, what an amazing gift - that thing is gorgeous!

  2. Ups!!! It´s like a dream. If i had one like this, i would feel as lucky as you do. Enjoy it!!!