Saturday, August 15

For My Dearest Pal...

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. We went out with friends last night and had waaaay too much fun, but now it's back to real life and a bit of relaxing (which is much needed... trying to recuperate from the busy week!). One of my dearest, dearest friends is going back to work this year and needed a special friend to keep her company during the day. This is what I came up with for her:

She loves color, and though I'm not always great at incorporating it, I think this little owl is a good compromise. Julie loooved her, which was exactly what I wanted, so I'm thrilled! Have a wonderful finish to your weekend-- I'll see you on Monday! xoxoxo Katie


  1. She's very sweet. I bet your friend loved her.

  2. She's adorable and what a wonderful friend you are to your sweet friend. :)

  3. adorable, I might be willing to go work in the real world if she kept me company all day!