Thursday, August 20

Hello, Future Me

I have to admit, I'm one who's scared of the future me. I rarely give myself goals or expectations, A) because I'm very indecisive when it comes to life changing choices, and B) because if you never give yourself a goal, you never fail. I realize that is a terrible way to be. :) It works for me, though. If I had really pressed myself to stick by my "dreams" back in the day, I'd be a miserable preschool teacher with no creative outlet. I mean, the only reason I know how to sew is because I was bored at home and looking for something fun to do.

So, today I was on Twitter, and someone mentioned I know of this website, but did visit today because it sounded like fun, and like I said, I'm a little scared of the future me. I wrote myself a nice email-- encouraging and funny (you know, I get my inside jokes), and I'll get it in a year. It's a little silly the way I feel that I need to send myself something to lift my spirits, like being older is gonna be so depressing. Um, Katie, it's only a year... I guess I'll see where I am when I get it. :D


  1. I bet your future you will be stellar! You're so creative!

  2. Aw. That was so freakin' nice. You just made my day a lot sunnier. Seriously. Thank you. <3

  3. I was just telling a friend about your email to yourself, that it could be a hoot to read where we were in our heads a 'year ago'; but she pointed out it could also be depressing to see we havent made much progress.

    You took steps that made progress and should be proud of what you'll be reading in a year.

    Oh and if you havent seen it, Time Travelers Wife fits your was good though, a little white thread bugged the daylights out of me.