Tuesday, June 7

Weekly Wears: Firefly Season

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We're officially to that point in the year where fireflies take over the yard at dusk!  It's honestly one of the most magical and peaceful scenes to watch Poesy take off around the yard squealing and giggling as she tries to play a game of catch and release with them.  Summertime has us on the go a bit more than usual, but I've been trying to be deliberate about being home during the evenings.  I want to soak this up as long as I can.

Dress & Purse: vintage;  Clogs (which you can't really see): Lotta From Stockholm 
**check this clog revamp from the archives

I found this dress on eBay right before we left for Palm Springs and it's definitely a go-to right now.  It's comfy and lovely... and sundresses are basically my favorite thing to wear because you don't have to put a ton of thought into layers and separates.  I think I just let my lazy show.  Oh well... happy Tuesday, friends!  xo.


  1. You always find the loveliest vintage finds! Gorgeous pictures and outfit!

    xx Chelsea

  2. Wow, that dress and your hair colour just go together so well! It's beautiful photography by the way :).

    Nicky xx |

  3. Lovely purse. I really like your hair!

  4. In love with this dress! It fits beautifully!