Tuesday, May 10

Palm Springs Pt. 1

Palm Springs
Johnny and I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Palm Springs last week with some of our friends.  It was kinda one of those moments where someone invites you and you think, "yeah, that would be nice..." but don't really consider it past that.  The more you think about it, you realize, "hey, this could actually work with our schedule".  So we went.  And it was great.

We arrived at the Ace Hotel a little later than expected the first night because we were driving in from LAX.  Hitting LA traffic as soon as you exit your plane and nail down your rental car is a little bit... well... there are a lot of words I could use, so let's just call it undesirable.  We ended up making it in around 9pm and it just happened to be karaoke night at the bar.  YES!  We dumped our things in our room as quickly as possible and met up with Jess and her boyfriend to sing all the cheesy songs we could thing of.  The night ended with roasting s'mores, night swimming, and then hard-core crashing in our comfy bed from such an eventful travel day.

Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs
The first "real" day in Palm Springs was breathtaking (the above photos are definitely backing up that statement).  Please keep in mind that in our home state of MO there are no mountains.  We have a hilly terrain, but golly... seeing those mountains first thing in the morning... well, no words.  Okay, so maybe there were a few words--  "WHAT?!"  "Is this real life?"  "Okay, this is just insane."-- and my personal favorite-- "HUHUHUHUHAHAHAHAHA."  (That was overwhelmed laughter if you couldn't tell.)  Most of our day was spent grabbing food at Native Foods, exploring, and sitting by the pool.

Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs Palm Springs
We ended the evening at dinner, getting to know all of Jess' friends who flew in that day.  After dinner we took serious advantage of the photobooth, watched a pretty cool band at the lounge, and of course, hit up some night swimming... which was mainly night hot-tubbing because it was a little brisk.  All-in-all, day one was PREEEEEETTY amazing.  xo.


  1. Oh, man, I grew up in North California (though my dad was from El Segundo) and there really is nothing like the mountains! They are the most amazing thing!! That has got to be one of the #1 things I miss about california... being able to see the snow-tipped mountains. So, so amazing!! So glad you guys had an awesome trip!!

  2. How good you accepted this lovely invitation as it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Palm springs sounds wonderful!! Im glad you had a great time, the pineapple dress looks so cute on you!

  4. I just love Palm Springs and the whole Coachella Valley. I live about 40 minutes west of it and it's pretty great. If you ever go back, it is totally worth the extra money to fly into the Palm Springs airport if it is an option. Traffic from LA is always a nightmare!

  5. so beautiful! :)

    xoxo, rae

  6. That looks and sounds like an awesome getaway! I've always wanted go, but haven't been able to yet.
    PS I love that pineapple dress!!

  7. Palm springs looks absolutely amazing! I've been dying to visit for so long. We keep trying to plan a road trip from LA, through San Fran, Palm Springs and Vegas, but we just never get round to actually going haha! It sounds like you had such a perfect time there - and the Ace Hotel looks amazing!
    xo April | April Everyday

  8. I've loved Palm Spring...we speak all the time about our last trip there and your pictures remember me these surrealistic destination!
    Moutains, sun, swimming pool, colors, houses, everithing is perfect there! I love your first photography!
    Your trip looks like very sympathic to live!

  9. Lovely photos Katie! Palm Springs seems to be sucha colorful place i'm loving it! Plus you look adorable as always! xoxo

  10. You have inspired me to take my daughters for a visit to the Palm Springs area. I grew up there, well, close to there, in a town called Indio. I was close enough to walk to the Coachella Valley Date Festival every year. Anyways, I love the bright colors, the mountains, and my favorite pic is the aerial view from the plane. So pretty!

  11. Love your green wedge pairs! What brand?

  12. Love your green wedge pairs! What brand?