Wednesday, June 1

Thrift Date

Thrift Scores
I had the pleasure of going on a brunch/thrifting date with a very sweet friend this week, and boy-oh-boy was I happy with the treasures I found!  I haven't been truly thrifting in quite a while (life is busy, man), so it was nice to take a break and spend some quality time hunting for pretty things in great company.

I scored the blue dress above for $3.50!  What?!  When I saw it my friend, Bekah, was like, "If you don't buy that, I'm going to be so mad at you!"  Okay.  Twist my arm.  The hair scarves were too pretty to pass up and only $0.50 a piece!

Thrift Scores
Our living room is full of shelves that need to be filled, so I was delighted to find these lovelies.  The tiny swan will most likely live in my bedroom to hold a couple special rings, but the other two were intended for living room display.  Sadly, the same day I found that adorable little elephant, I knocked him off the shelf while pulling out a record and broke his whole face off.  I'm still planning to try to super glue him back together.  We'll see how that goes...

Thrift Scores
This, right here, was my favorite find of the day.  It's really hard to capture the beauty in a photo, but it's a pink and white marble Bakelite jewelry box with pink felt lining on the top shelf.  When you open the lid, the drawers open as well.  I'm a SUCKER for Bakelite anything, so this was definitely up there on the "most loved" list.

Thrift Scores Thrift Scores Thrift Scores
It was accidental, but all of the things I acquired that day seem to coordinate.  I don't know if it was a coincidence or if I have a "type"... whatever the case: SWOON.

After a morning of brunching and thrifting, Bekah and I hit the garden center to browse flowers and succulents for our gardens and planters.  I mean, you can't really have a cliché girl date without buying plants, right?  Just kidding. We both LOVE gardening and plants, so it just made sense.

Thrift Scores Thrift Scores
We decided to split these GORGEOUS Celosia flowers (they are annuals-- YAY!) and, of course, I had to bring home the tiniest, softest cactus for our bedroom.

It was a wonderful day and I'm thankful for friends who help encourage me to take my mind off of responsibilities for a morning.  I'm often guilty of getting wrapped up in mom/work life a little too much.

Have you found anything great thrifting lately?  I love thrifting treasure stories!


  1. I love that jewlery box it's so cute! Great finds!

    Ella xx

  2. This sounds like such a lovely day!! You found so many lovely things. I love thrifting and it's been way too long since I've been!

  3. I love thrifting a lot.
    great finds katie! :)

    xoxo, rae

  4. I CANNOT believe you found that dress for only $3.50! I never have any luck finding cute dresses thrifting ahhh - my specialty is cute figurines and vintage avon perfumes!

  5. I bought some Celosia for planters on our deck this year- I'd never seen them before! Sooo pretty!

  6. Oh my gosh that dress is just amazing! So so pretty! And that jewelry box! So cute! Glad you had a fun day! We all need to get out for some fun once in a while! xo