Thursday, June 16


Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots Snapshots
Here are some fun snapshots from life recently:

**Poesy having a little phone time after swimming in the pool all morning and afternoon.  The little fish is so hard get out of the pool.
**A cute cactus for the living room that I really hope not to kill.
**Some of my favorite things in our living room.  I got that little baby planter from the Strawberry Swing craft fair during our girls' trip last year.  :)
**Google lounging anywhere and EVERYWHERE.  He's seriously hilarious.
**Eep!  Hope jumping in the pool.  Johnny moved our trampoline right next to the pool and the girls have been having the best time ever.  (I know, kinda scary!)
**The sweetest wooden succulent painting from my friend, Jenny-- check out her shop Everyday is a Holiday.  I want to buy all of it!
**A picture of Poesy melting hearts.  Such big love in this one.

I've been super productive this week and I'm feeling really on top of my creative game.  Plus, I have an announcement tomorrow, so this week is pretty much A+.

I hope you're having a lovely week as well, friends!


  1. Beautiful photos.. I love the cactus! :)

  2. Beautiful snaps! I'm looking forward to hearing your news ☺️💜

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