Wednesday, October 1

Personalized Post Cards

Personalized Post Cards When Johnny and I were first married, I use to keep this stack of mini cards stashed away in a drawer.  I would randomly leave him silly notes, funny notes, "I'm sorry" notes (hey, marriage can be tricky), etc.  Basically, just little notes to let him know I was thinking of him.  I would place them in places I knew he'd find them before I left for work in the morning.  He would do the same for me sometimes, too.  It's one of my very favorite "married" memories.  I still have every single one of those notes and cards.

I know it's hard to keep that stuff up as you get busier, but I love the idea of doing that again.  Not just for Johnny, though.  I love the idea of making special cards just because for all the people I love.  *Wanna go on a burger date?  Here's a fun little invite.  Let's plan it.*  Today I'm teaming up with Canon USA to show you how I made my own personalized post cards, in hopes that you may feel inspired to do the same!

Personalized Post Cards Personalized Post Cards
I started off by designing my postcards in Photoshop.  If you don't have a design program but you have a printer, you can add sweet (or snarky) sentiments by hand just as easily.  I printed my cards out with my PIXMA iP8720 printer.  I love the quality of this printer for photos.  As you can see from the picture above, I printed four at a time to save paper.  I hate wasting paper!

After the cards were printed, I cut them out and planned my attack.  Of love.  A love attack, if you will.  ;)

Personalized Post Cards Personalized Post Cards Personalized Post Cards
Personalized Post Cards Some of my favorites are:

"Sorry I'm the worst."  I think we can all relate with that one sometimes.  ;)

"I heard a song.  It made me think of you."  I'll be using this one for a lot of different friends.  It's funny how quickly music can make me miss someone.

"I love you, I do."  I need to make more sweet cards like this to leave around the house.  It's a new goal of mine.

I was talking a couple of weeks ago about snail mail and how there's nothing better.  Just like a good ol' fashioned letter, I want to pass out these hand-written notes for friends and loved ones.  I want to SHOW people I love them.  I want my important people to know I'm constantly thinking of them.  I never want it to just be a thing I say, you know?  That's totally and completely sappy, but I totally and completely mean it.  I love my people and I always want them to know it.  xo.



  1. I love this idea! I was leaving cutesy notes around my bf's house but little post cards are so much better! :)

  2. Awww I love this idea! Definitely going to start doing this too :)

  3. This is such a great idea! I've been thinking about sending more snail mail recently, too. There's just something so special to write down your thoughts on pen and paper and send it off across the miles for someone to receive at their door. Love the "I'm the worst" one, too:)

  4. these are soooo cute!!


  5. This is such a sweet idea, although I would need about 9 million "sorry I'm the worst" ones!

    Sammy xo.

  6. Love this idea!

    Question, do you know if this printer prints well on card stock?

  7. Beautiful post! Love this idea and execution of it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Such a cute idea!

  9. Ahh, what a terrific idea! I can't wait to make sweet little notes for my significant other. :)

    xo Trisha

  10. I think this is so lovely and encouraging! Hand written notes are so meaningful and they can really make someone's day by receiving one.

  11. Oh wow, what a lovely idea <3
    Best greetings from Australia :)

  12. I definitely need a bunch of them :)