Tuesday, October 14

Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers

Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers
There are so many uses for vinyl stickers!  Laptop decals, business logos, you can even use stickers as your business cards.  I've been interested in trying my hand at making vinyl stickers for some time, so I'm teaming up with Canon USA today to show you how to make your own!

canon printer To make your own vinyl stickers, first you'll need to acquire self adhesive printable vinyl and self adhesive laminating sheets.  I couldn't find these supplies locally, so I purchased mine from Amazon.  Next, it's time to design!  I wanted a simple design for laptop decals, so I used my tablet in Photoshop to doodle some raindrops.

Once I got a design I was happy with, I used my PIXMA iP8720 to print directly onto the vinyl sheets.

Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers
After the design was printed, I pressed the self adhesive laminating sheets on top of the design to make the stickers more durable.  Once the vinyl sheet was laminated, I cut the stickers out and placed them on my computer!

Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers
I loved the way they turned out so much that I used the same steps to make a drumhead logo for our drummer!

Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers
Basically, I'm just dreaming up all the ways I can use stickers in my life.  The next time I do a craft show, I'll definitely be making stickers to hand out as freebies!  How would you use vinyl stickers in your world?



  1. These are so cute, and such a clever idea too x


  2. Brilliant! Love how simple this was, without a doubt will be giving this a go. Thanks for the share! xx

  3. These stickers are so cute! I'll definitely try this out when I have time :)

    Arushee // Unadorned Gifts

  4. so cool can't wait to try!!! you are right stickers needed to be a part of everyday life :)

  5. Love!!


  6. these are so cute!

    xx nikki

  7. Similar to what I've seen online, I've used the vinyl stickers on canvas prior to painting it, which turned out quite cool. I imagine I would use them just about anywhere in my apartment. They are so versatile and with the option of customizing, can fit anyone's personality. Very cute post :)

  8. I would definitely decorate my laptop and probably my iPhone case with these! What an easy and fun little way to personalize stuff with stickers!

  9. This is so great, defiantly trying this!
    My fiancé has a band and i'm so sending this DIY to their drummer!


  10. definitely design my own laptop decal- can't find one thats exactly what i want! :) Nice and simple idea, love it :)


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  12. Thanks for the post Katie!

    Have you seen these inspirations on using vinyl stickers? My favorite probably would be the beer bottle labels:) https://www.diginate.com/ideas/