Thursday, May 14

Shame, Shame, Katie Dear

I felt kinda bad about being a little negative last night (who me?), so I deleted that post. Plus, that picture REALLY creeps me out, and I couldn't get it out of my head... um, it's a long story. Anyway, I HAVE to get my butt upstairs and get to work, but several of you have commented about Blythes, and even better, have shown interest in getting one. I say if you have the funds currently, go for it. You'd be amazed how much you actually use them, and how fun they are to photograph and customize. You could ask any of my friends, I am a very active Blythe owner... and again, not in a "creepy doll lady" sort of way. Have a good weekend if I don't talk to you in the next couple of days. I owe Hope a Mommy/girl day tomorrow and we're gonna have some fun!

I LOOOOOOVE my new girl Zooey. She's gorgeous. Actually, you should check out Melacacia's Flickr. She's amazing.


  1. I've been meaning to tell you how beautiful she is! I am absolutely in LOVE with that bike! I'm thinking I'm going to take the plunge and get one! I've been diligently searching and I'm hoping to find one soon! Thanks for the extra *nudge*! BTW thanks for mentioning the "crazy doll lady" thing... I've been seriously worried that's what people will think I am! I'm realizing that I probably shouldn't care about that too much anyway!!

  2. Lindsey, believe me, you'll get a few weird looks if you take her to the park for pictures or whatever. I had a bit of a complex for a while about being the 20-something playing with dolls. Then you step back and remember- hey, I'm an adult and I can play with whatever I want and not feel bad about it! :) Plus, it's just too much fun not to!

    I hope you find one that you love!

  3. Thanks for all the encouragement! And thanks for introducing me to the world of Blythe (I first heard about it on your blog!). It's nice to know I'm not the only 20 something who still likes dolls! :) Here's to being an adult and getting to play with whatever you want!