Thursday, May 7

A New Bird

I've been wanting to make a fat little bird for some time now, but haven't been able to find a design I'm happy with. I especially wanted to stay away from making my birds too much like some of the others I've seen (even though they're great), so I think that I'm pretty happy with this little gal.

She will come with her nest. I think I'm going to give this specific one to Hope's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week, but I'll be posting her for sale in the shop either tonight or tomorrow.

I'm pretty excited-- my newest Blythe was shipped off to California right after I got her. She had some work done by an AMAZING girl and now she's on her way home! Hopefully she'll reach me before the weekend is over. I also have another Blythe on the way for customization (and practice), so you can expect lots of pictures! xoxo


  1. I'm loving these nests! So clever.

  2. I love your fabric combinations =]

  3. Adorable! But is it odd that my favourite bit is that cute little tail?? Love it!