Tuesday, May 12

Look Who's Living in My House...

A sweet Aubrena blythe. She is soooo pretty, even more than I expected. I bought to her customize (slowly) and eventually resell. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy having her around. (I couldn't love anyone as much as my new girl, though.)

Here's her before picture. I immediately had to sand her face and treat her hair. I left her stock blush mostly intact, I just sanded very lightly on her cheeks. Here's how she's looking these days:

I like her very much.


  1. I'm so scared to customize mine! I need to work up the courage - she looks great!

  2. Brenda- you should totally go for it! Opening the head for the first time is the scariest thing, after that it's pretty much a breeze. Plus, it's lots and lots of fun!

  3. her face looks so much better post sanding... plus, someone did some impressive ironing work with that weave...

  4. Oh my! Where would you send someone looking to buy her first (I mean second - I had an original many years ago) Blythe?? I really need to adopt one....

    Thanks 4 your thoughts. Love your shop, btw! xo

  5. There's a really great online forum on You have to join, but it's worth it. There's a ton of info and most everyone is so nice. Also, you can check ebay. It really just depends on what you want to get. If you need any help, I'd be more than happy. :)

  6. Your new Blythe is beautiful! She's going to look amazing when you finish customizing her. I have been admiring them for quite some time and I think it's time to buy myself one!