Monday, May 4

We Got Through the Weekend

I was checking my blog this morning and realized that I left it a little intense. Sorry. I really was all kinds of freaked out on Thursday, but once Friday got here I was fine. The show went pretty well, we had a crazy crowd. Afterward, we stayed at an IHOP for hours talking and hanging out with some old friends... it really was fun. As soon as I get pictures back from a couple of talented friends, I'll post them.

As I realize how much the weather is warming, I'm starting to do the frantic nab for the bathing suit I'd like for the season. I just bought this one:

from ModCloth

But, it has to go back because it's WAY too big. I'm sad about it, because I really love the styling. I want something vintage feeling like this. I'm smitten with this one:

from ASOS

I'm just wanting to find something... I don't know... maybe in the country? We'll see what happens. Even if I don't find anything, I did go a little overboard last year on the amount of suits I bought. If you have anything you've seen similar to these stylings, be sure to let me know!

Hopefully in the next couple of days I will be able to share the custom order I'm working on! They're soooooo cute! xoxo-- Katie


  1. There's one Etsy artist that I'm dying to buy a suit from: Miss Branch ( Her stuff is very vintage, and though it's kind of spendy, I bet it's worth it for something custom-made to your measurements.

    If you buy something from her, please let me know what you think! I'm thisclose to dropping the money on a suit, but still kind of on the fence.

    Jennifer Nicole
    (I don't use that Blogger email!)

  2. Oh, Jen-- you're a girl after my own heart. I bought this suit from her last year: in kelly and white. It's worth the money, I love mine!

  3. Cute suit! Another blog that I follow had the same red suit on theirs today too! Funny

  4. I forgot the link! (multitasking)

  5. That is funny-- I follow that blog, too and had no idea... silly...

  6. Macy's has a great vintage line of suits right now =]. I'm glad your show went well! Our hang out space for late at night food is Waffle House =P. By the way, my mom got the zebra today and she loved it. She knew I wasn't going to spill my source but she told me pass a long a thank you. And a thank you from me! You scored me major brownie points with her.

  7. soo cuute. love the colors and high waist <3