Thursday, April 23


Even though I do like a good plush every now and again, I'm not a "plush person." It doesn't take a lot for me to oooohhh and ahhhhh over something cute, but it takes something special for me to bite the bullet and buy it. This could be one of those special things.

So, maybe he won't walk on his own, but a Golden the Pony Boy look alike in my home? Yes, please.


  1. I'm assuming you've seen The Science of Sleep, right? This pony instantly reminded me of the one from that film, and I _love_ that pony.

  2. It's completely based off of that pony! That's why I love him so much. It's the closest thing I've seen, short of snagging Lauri Faggioni's original (which I would consider giving my livelihood for).