Tuesday, April 28

The Swappies are Taking Over!

Okay, not really. But I did have 9 of them in my possession today. Two of them were wedding cake toppers, three of them were BFF Swappies, and four of them are part of a family that I've almost completed.

It was fun having them all together. They were like a little (peaceful) owl army. Plus, they are a great fit for the vintage doll house that was acquired this weekend. Does anyone remember the Littles? I don't, but they sure are cute.

Lucy has been really sick (throwing up) for the last couple of days. She is very weak and only musters up the strength to take a little walk around the room about once or twice a day. I feel SOOOO sorry for her. :(

We are currently feeding her baby food and snuggling her lots. That's all we can do for now. Any prayers would be really sweet. xoxo

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