Monday, April 13

A Blissful Weekend

Well, I have to say, it was quite the delightful long weekend. Our friend Justin came in from Indiana, on his way to Alaska, and a great time was had by all. We went to a huge Easter egg hunt, played some giant frisbee and a lot of Whiffle Ball, watched Amelie, ate way too much food/candy, and wished we had more time.

Hope and Justin

Easter egg hunting in the freezing cold

Hope letting her personality show

I got my skates the night before Easter, and Hope was a little jealous. She didn't know that the next morning she would be getting some too, so it really was great timing. We spent a good portion of the day (after doing the extended family thing) skating around. We took Justin to breakfast at a little cafe this (late) morning, and he has since headed on his way. We all miss him already for our own reasons; Hope misses a playmate, Johnny misses a playmate, I miss a playmate... wait... :) ... I hope your weekend was wonderful as well!


  1. my twin daughters are 11 and the Easter Bunny has for years sent them on elaborate hunts with clues to follow and red herrings... this year one was not thoroughly into it because of prepubescent faithlessness so EB scaled back a bit. they still had to figure out a clue left in the shower - Ha, they didnt even see it pasted to the wall until the second was finished, lol - then locate the place referred to. In each of their gift bags this year was an owl swappie and they both got so excited - even prepub faithless was gushing over how adorable hers is! Thank you for your amazing imagination and ability to turn that into something at once so tangible yet ephemeral.

  2. OH! I am so honored to be part of your Easter tradition! Right now I'm a mix between blushing and tearing...

    I'm so glad they loved them! That is really wonderful. :)