Thursday, April 2

My New Favorite Blog

My new favorite blog? Craftastrophe. Why? This:

Okay, so you have to go here to read the article and see the full pic. But I just wanted to give warning about the nakieness, since some people don't find it hilarious (like I do!).


  1. Oh - the horror!! Thank you for the link, too, too funny!

  2. Oh my! I have no problem with nudity and that photo baffles me. I am torn with amusement over the absurdity of those outfits, yet utterly disturbed over the little girl fondling her daddy's knitted "sausage" and friends.

    So weird. There are some crazy people. lol...

    I hope the sun is shining for you Katie!

  3. I know, I know! I didn't even catch that, then we were talking about it last night and Johnny said something about the pic being funny but being weirded out by the little girl thing. I seriously didn't even see it... how do you miss that? Anyway, I'm off to play tennis again! I love sunshine!

  4. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! hilarious! disturbingly entertaining :)

  5. That site cracks me up. Hope you enjoy your weekend.